How to setup email on your Mac using Apple Mail

The following instructions show you how to setup an email account on Apple Mail to work with your I Need web Hosting mailbox.

You will need the following information…

  1. Your mailbox username (the email address)
  2. The mailbox password
  3. The incoming and outgoing mail-server names.

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How to upload a website created using Blocs

You’ve created your new responsive website using Blocs. You then need to know how to upload this Blocs website and publish Blocs files to our web servers.

Blocs 2 logo

With the instructions below you’ll learn how to…

  1. Publish/Export your Blocs website project.
  2. Upload the exported files to the web server.

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PHP Switcher now supports all current versions of PHP

The PHP Switcher in the eXtend Control Panel now allows you to switch to the following versions of PHP:

  • 5.2
  • 5.3
  • 5.4
  • 5.5
  • 5.6
  • 7

Softpress the makers of Freeway returns!

Good news! Softpress the makers of Freeway Pro have, as they put it “returned from the netherworld”.  Their site is back and offering updates to Freeway Pro 7.014.  It’s probably best to visit the forum Freewaytalk for get the latest news and comments on this.

The end of Softpress’s Freeway and a new beginning

Some of you may have already heard that Softpress Systems Ltd the makers of Freeway (the Mac desktop web authoring tool) has closed it’s doors. This leaves the last version of Freeway Pro 7.13. Those already on 7 can still download an upgrade from their site.

For those you who jumped on the last upgrade to Freeway 7 it leaves a legacy version very we’ll capable of producing a sophisticated and responsive website. This should serve Freeway Pro 7 users needs into the… well, near future.

But what of the future?

At some point your version of Freeway may stop working. Perhaps from an Apple system update that may just botch the app and stop vital functions. So, it’s time for existing Freeway users to have a future plan.

All is not lost – Try code

If Freeway stops working altogether the code Freeway previously published up to the server is safe and functional and editable via a text editor.

OK it’s understandable that being a coder is not a job you want to take on given that you originally used Freeway for it’s WYSIWYG interface. But there are tools that can view your code and edit in a visual environment one of them is Pinegrow

Or move to new tools

If code editing is not your thing there are other apps to design a site visually without having to be exposed to code. But this will mean creating your website from scratch. It may be time for a website refresh anyway.

Some very good Mac visual web site design apps are;


Blocs builds a responsive mobile friendly website with a very slick interface.

Sparkle visual web design

Make great websites with your Mac

Mobirise Website Builder

Create awesome mobile-friendly websites. No coding and free.

A different direction.

There is a another option. It’s not having an app on your computer at all. The design app lives on the web server and you design your site in your browser. It’s called WordPress. A name you may have heard before, WordPress is probably the most popular web site design tool in the whole world. WordPress can be installed on your web hosting. Then by the use of adding themes (many free) can style the site in hundreds of ways all in your web browser.

Have a look at our Simply WordPress Web web hosting

Of course we can web host these sites created by your tools or your WordPress site and give you support and advice as usual.


Softpress is back