Softpress releases Freeway 7 with New Responsive Web Design features

Frewway 7

Softpress system makers of the WYSIWYG DTP web design software has released Freeway 7.  Freeway 7 offers new features to allow web sites to adapt and display correctly on all devices such as phones, tablets and desktops or even wide screen TV’s.

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Introducing the new .uk domain

New .uk domain now available to buy

The new .uk domain was introduced on 10th May 2104. This domain is now available in your account to buy today.

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New gTLD Domains have Arrived

The New Top Level domains have arrived

We’ve introduced the first batch of the new gTLDdomains. If you’re a photographer try a domain. A Glazing Company, how about a .glass?

Considering how important your domain name is in the search results the new domains give you that new opportunity you been looking for.

Below is the full list of the domain suffix we’ve introduced today.

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Cloud Web Hosting is here!

I need Web Hosting is moving to Cloud Hosting

For the last few months we’ve been transitioning all “I Need Web Hosting” accounts to a Cloud platform. Cloud Hosting means that you’re not depending on a single server to host a website making load times quicker, databases faster and overall giving increased reliability.

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New ICANN Domain Verification Rules Introduced for 2014

As from the 1st of January 2014 ICANN have introduced a mandatory domain verification security system for all top level domains (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO or .NAME as well as upcoming new gTLDs.).

As soon as you purchase a top level domain, transfer or amend the contact details of your top level domain you will be sent an email to confirm and verify the domain contacts. If you fail to acknowledge within 14 days your domain and therefore website will be disabled until the verification procedure is complete.

As domain owners we all should be aware of the responsibilities and look out for emails sent to the domain owner.

A few domain owners have been caught out with this new process by not checking their email and their website have been deactivated. If this happens to you a new email can be re-sent for you to verify either from the holding page (ICANN will replace your site with) or by updating the contact details again in you domain control panel.


As from January 1st 2014 you will be sent a verification email if you…

    1. Purchase and new top level domain.
    2. Transfer a top level domain.
    3. Change the domain contact details.

Please make sure the email address used for your Admin Contact is an email address you can access, are prioritised and are not inadvertently put in Spam. If you’d like to know more how this might effect you please contact support and we can talk you though the process.