How to setup email on your Mac using Apple Mail

The following instructions show you how to setup an email account on Apple Mail to work with your I Need web Hosting mailbox. You will need the following information… Your mailbox username (the email address) The mailbox password The incoming and outgoing mail-server names.

How to upload a website created using Blocs

You’ve created your new responsive website using Blocs. You then need to know how to upload this Blocs website and publish Blocs files to our web servers. With the instructions below you’ll learn how to… Publish/Export your Blocs website project. Upload the exported files to the web server.

Responsive Website Template using CSS3 Media Queries in Freeway Pro

I was interested about if it was possible to create a Responsive website using Freeway Pro so I created a template based on a Tutorial about CSS3 Media Queries over at Web Designer Wall. So as an exercise I’ve converted their example into a Freeway Pro file (available to download below) so you can dissect […]

Top Tips for Search Engine Success (Part Two)

Part Two of a series of posts to help the beginner understand what is needed to make your web pages search engines friendly. We are optimising an imaginary “Washing Machine Repairs” web page. In Part Two we cover; Keywords, Hyperlinks, and ALT tags.

Top Tips for Search Engine Success (Part One)

Having slaved over a carefully crafted web site design, and launching it to the world, you now find yourself disappointed that you are nowhere to be seen in any search engine listings – a very common scenaro.  We have all been there before. Part of the web site design process should include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) […]