How to upload a website created using Blocs

You’ve created your new responsive website using Blocs. You then need to know how to upload this Blocs website and publish Blocs files to our web servers. With the instructions below you’ll learn how to… Publish/Export your Blocs website project. Upload the exported files to the web server.

Softpress the makers of Freeway returns!

Good news! Softpress the makers of Freeway Pro have, as they put it “returned from the netherworld”.  Their site is back and offering updates to Freeway Pro 7.014.  It’s probably best to visit the forum Freewaytalk for get the latest news and comments on this.

The end of Softpress’s Freeway and a new beginning

Some of you may have already heard that Softpress Systems Ltd the makers of Freeway (the Mac desktop web authoring tool) has closed it’s doors. This leaves the last version of Freeway Pro 7.13. Those already on 7 can still download an upgrade from their site. For those you who jumped on the last upgrade […]

Cloud Web Hosting is here!

For the last few months we’ve been transitioning all “I Need Web Hosting” accounts to a Cloud platform. Cloud Hosting means that you’re not depending on a single server to host a website making load times quicker, databases faster and overall giving increased reliability.

The importance of creating a secure email password

What’s your password? Do you set a single password for every web service you go to? Or do you have a set of rules to create a password that’s is individual for every separate web service? However you create your password (and I hope you create a separate password for each web service) how much […]