How to upload a website using iWeb ’09

After you have created your website with iWeb ’09, you need to know how to upload a iWeb ’09 website to our web hosting using iWeb 09 built-in FTP capabilities. Please do the following: Make sure your FTP lock is open. From the main iWeb Screen screen, go to File > Publish >. In the […]

MySQL upgrade from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.5

As part of maintaining the latest software helping security and performance an MySQL upgrade is planned from version 5.1.57 to 5.5.25a. The upgrade will take place over the next few weeks. Below is a brief summary of the MySQL changes. The full documentation can be read here: It is expected that there will be […]

Where can I host my iWeb site now that has closed

Apple finally shut down as promised on the 31st July 2012. Closing down users iWeb web hosting and it’s websites in the process. iWeb website owners now have to make alternative web hosting arrangements if they want to continue using iWeb web site creation software. Fortunately iWeb can publish a websites to’s servers […]

MODX CMS available to all PRO hosting accounts

The CMS MODX has been added to all PRO hosting accounts. MODX is a content management platform allowing you to build websites quickly and creatively. This popular and advanced CMS is powerful enough for the most demanding of websites. MODX features include: Responsive design for both your site and your control panel Intuitive, highly customisable […]

Get your Website ready for Business! New e-commerce scripts to use today

All new (and existing) PRO-HOST accounts now have new features available in their hosting control panels. PRO-HOST users now have an e-commerce section to ‘one-click’ install 8 popular e-commerce scripts to help turn your web site into a thriving online store.