The following instructions show you how to setup an email account on Apple Mail to work with your I Need web Hosting mailbox.

You will need the following information…

  1. Your mailbox username (the email address)
  2. The mailbox password
  3. The incoming and outgoing mail-server names.

1. Open Apple Mail

Open Mail. If you haven’t added a new account yet, you’ll be taken directly to the Add Account prompt.

If you’re adding an additional account, or this prompt doesn’t otherwise load automatically, you’ll need to select the “Add Account” from the Mail menu as below.

Select Add Account the Mail Menu

2. Select the account type

From the Add Account prompt, select Add Other Mail Account… and click Continue.

select Add Other Mail Account

3. Enter your Mailbox details

Enter your email account information and click create.

  • Full Name: Your name as you would like it to appear.
  • Email Address: Your full email address.
  • Password: The password for your email account.

Add your Full name, mailbox username (email address) and password

4. Connecting to the mail-server

Mail will attempt to contact the mail server.

When an autodiscover setting has been unsuccessful, the message “Unable to verify account name or password” will appear in a new settings box.  This is nothing to be concerned about. Follow stage 5 next.

(The default search uses “” – unless you have this subdomain already created and an SSL Certificate installed, this will not work. However, don’t worry! It’s normal for this to happen due to “I Need Web Hosting” servers not having autodiscover settings enabled by default.)

5. Complete the name-server details.

Fill in the fields using your email info and the domains mail-server names.

(If you do not see this box and are using a version of Apple Mail that was released prior to OSX Sierra.)

  • Email Address: Your full email address.
  • User Name: Your full email address.
  • Password: The password to your email account.
  • Account Type: We strongly recommend connecting via IMAP.
  • Incoming Mail Server: Either your IP address or
  • Outgoing Mail Server: Either your IP address or

(Please note that by default, Apple Mail versions 10 and higher use secure (SSL) connections for both incoming and outgoing servers. We highly recommend that you do not change this, but SSL and port settings may be modified under server settings in the preferences menu once setup is complete.)

6. Select linked apps

Lastly you’ll be asked to confirm which apps that you’d like to attach the email account to. Select any others that you’d like and click Done.

Select the apps the mail account uses

That’s it! You just configured your  email address on Apple Mail. If you have any questions, please feel free contact support.