You’ve created your new responsive website using Blocs. You then need to know how to upload this Blocs website and publish Blocs files to our web servers.

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With the instructions below you’ll learn how to…

  1. Publish/Export your Blocs website project.
  2. Upload the exported files to the web server.

Exporting your Website from Blocs

Export your Blocs project to the desktop of your Mac.

By default, it will create a folder called “My Site”.

Open the “My Site” folder. This folder contains all the files/folders your website needs. These files and folders need to be uploaded to the public_html folder on your web hosting package. The aim is to make the files and folder inside your “My site” folder match exactly the contents of the “public_html folder in your hosting.

The next stage will show you how to upload these files and folders to the server.

How to upload Blocs files/folders to the server.

  1. Get a copy of Cyberduck (Free FTP program). There are other FTP apps such as Transmit or FileZilla.
  2. In preparation for the file transfer open your FTP lock in your control panel (ask support if you are unsure where the FTP is located).

Create a Connection to your site with Cyberduck

  1. Open Cyberduck > Open Connection.
  2. Select FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  3. In the Server: field enter your domain name starting with “ftp.”
  4. In the “Username:” enter your domain name.
  5. Enter your password (tick to add to keychain)
  6. Click connect (Click continue, tick do not show again if a warning appears).

Uploading Blocs files to the server

  1. In Cyberduck navigate to your public_html folder.
  2. Open the Blocs export folder on your Mac > Desktop > “My Site”.
  3. Open the “My Site” folder alongside the Cyberduck window.
  4. “Drag and drop” the contents of “My Site” folder into the public_html folder in Cyberduck.
  5. The files will transfer up to the server. (Click continue, tick do not show again if a warning appears).
  6. In Cyberduck close the “transfers” window.
  7. Click the “Refresh” button (Control-R) if the files do not appear immediately.


In your web browser load your site URL.  The Blocs website should be successfully uploaded.

Contact support if you have problems.