After you have created your website with iWeb ’09, you need to know how to upload a iWeb ’09 website to our web hosting using iWeb 09 built-in FTP capabilities.

Please do the following:

  1. Make sure your FTP lock is open.
  2. From the main iWeb Screen screen, go to File > Publish >.
  3. In the “Publish to:” drop down select Publish to FTP Server .
  4. Add your site name
  5. Add your email address
  6. In the FTP server settings add the following…
  7. Enter your domain name (starting with ftp.) in the “Server:” field
    or the FTP IP address supplied if your domain is not yet live.
  8. Enter your FTP User Name (the domain name) in the “User name:” field.
  9. Enter your FTP password (as supplied in your welcome email) in the “Password:” field.
  10. Select protocol FTP
  11. Test the connection
  12. If all your details are correct, upload.

how to upload a iWeb 09 web site
Please see the attached screenshot if you need visual assistance.