After you have created your website with iWeb, you need to know how to upload a iWeb website to our servers.

Method 1:

Download a copy of Easy iWeb Publisher here.

Easy iWeb Publisher

Easy iWeb Publisher

Method 2:

Download w2w from here.

Upload using w2w

Upload using w2w

Method 3:

Export your web site from iWeb

  1. Get a copy of Cyberduck (Free FTP program).
  2. Under the file menu in iWeb, choose to “Publish to Folder” and publish to a new folder (one with nothing in it yet, probably on your desktop so it’s easier to find later).
Create a Connection to your site with Cyberduck
  1. Open Cyberduck >; Open Connection.
  2. Select FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  3. In the Server field enter your domain name starting with “ftp.”
  4. In the “Username:” enter you domain name.
  5. Enter your password (tick to add to keychain)
  6. Click more options.
  7. In the “Path:” enter “public_html”.
  8. Connect Mode – select passive
  9. Endoding Default
  10. Click “Connect” (it should open at the root level of your hosting space, which is where you want to upload your iWeb site).
Upload the site from your desktop
  1. On your computer, select all of the files and folders inside the folder you published your iWeb site into and drag and drop them into the Cyberduck file window.
  2. After the files/folders finish uploading, use your web browser to check and make sure your site is online and working.
  3. To update/add to your site, the easiest, and most consistent, way is to make your changes in iWeb, and then repeat the above steps (i.e., republish the whole thing); this should avoid updating only some of the files that make up your site.
Uploading your website using iWeb

Uploading your website using iWeb

Cyberduck will keep your settings for the next time you upload (if you ticked “add to keychain”) using this drag-and-drop method.

If you’re using iWeb ’09 please see How to upload a website using iWeb ’09