After you have created your website with RapidWeaver, you need to know how to upload a RapidWeaver website to our servers using RapidWeaver’s built-in FTP capabilities.

Please do the following:

  1. Make sure your FTP lock is open.
  2. From the main RapidWeaver screen, click the Publish button on the bottom toolbar.
  3. In the sheet that drops down, select the FTP tab.
  4. Enter your domain name (starting with ftp.) in the “Server:” field
    Note: If your domain is not live (hosted with you would enter the FTP IP address supplied in your welcome email.
  5. Enter your FTP username (the domain name) in the “Account:” field.
  6. Enter your FTP password (as supplied in your welcome email) in the “Password:” field.
  7. You can optionally save your password in your Keychain. This will prevent you from having to enter your FTP password every time you upload your site.
  8. Enter “public_html/” in the “Site Path:” field.
  9. Click the Publish button.

Please see the attached screenshot if you need visual assistance.

Uploading your site with Rapidweaver

Uploading your website with Rapidweaver

Remember to tick the “save in keychain” tick box, so Rapidweaver can remember your password when you upload your future changes.