The New Top Level domains have arrived

We’ve introduced the first batch of the new gTLDdomains. If you’re a photographer try a domain. A Glazing Company, how about a .glass?

Considering how important your domain name is in the search results the new domains give you that new opportunity you been looking for.

Below is the full list of the domain suffix we’ve introduced today.

Below is the full list of the domains we’ve introduced today.

  • .academy
  • .bike
  • .company
  • .education
  • .email
  • .glass
  • .guru
  • .international
  • .photography
  • .repair
  • .solutions
  • .support
  • .systems
  • .technology
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .training

To order any of these new domains just look in the domain search on our home page or use the “Order Domain” inside your Customer Centre.

If you’d like to rename your existing hosting packages please contact support or sales and we can talk you through the procedure.