Buy .london domains at I Need Web Hosting

If you’ve been observant when doing a domain search recently we’ve recently added the new .london domain suffix.

I know it’s been a wait and a few of you have been wanting to know when it’s going to arrive. We’re glad you can now easily create hosting packages using the .london domain.

Easily compete on a level playing field.

This domain has been a spectacularly popular marketing proposition for London based organisations to stake their place as London based. Using a .london domain name is an unmissable opportunity to associate with the London’s success and history. With a .london domain name you can compete with the largest companies for London based web content.

Make your content relevant to Londoners

Your .london website will assure visitors that your London based content is relevant to London residents tourists and visitors. From fashion to technology, tourism to shops.

You’re Supporting London

Dot London’s net profit will be used to promote London and other local projects, so by investing in .london, you’re automatically investing in the city as a result.

*Get started with your .london domain use the limited time offer code LND30 and get 30% off the current price in the first year.

Summer Offer 2014

Working on the beach

It’s August, summer is in full swing, things are quiet and you’ve got extra time on your hands.

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Softpress releases Freeway 7 with New Responsive Web Design features

Frewway 7

Softpress system makers of the WYSIWYG DTP web design software has released Freeway 7.  Freeway 7 offers new features to allow web sites to adapt and display correctly on all devices such as phones, tablets and desktops or even wide screen TV’s.

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Introducing the new .uk domain

New .uk domain now available to buy

The new .uk domain was introduced on 10th May 2104. This domain is now available in your account to buy today.

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New gTLD Domains have Arrived

The New Top Level domains have arrived

We’ve introduced the first batch of the new gTLDdomains. If you’re a photographer try a domain. A Glazing Company, how about a .glass?

Considering how important your domain name is in the search results the new domains give you that new opportunity you been looking for.

Below is the full list of the domain suffix we’ve introduced today.

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