email password security

What’s your password? Do you set a single password for every web service you go to? Or do you have a set of rules to create a password that’s is individual for every separate web service?

However you create your password (and I hope you create a separate password for each web service) how much thought do you give to how secure that password is and more importantly what would happen is some shady character on the web got hold of it and accessed for example your email account?

Email account passwords is yours secure?

What’s your oldest password and most frequently used? Your email account. An email account password was probably created well before any modern web services you’ve sign up for. You may not even consider an email password as a entry point is a gold mine for a hacker.

I bet any password for your online bank you’ve carefully considered and made the password as difficult to guess as you can. Yet all too often passwords for an email account are so weak that it’s all to easily guessed! Consider your email account is the gateway to finding out all sort of private and secure information about you. It’s a back door a hacker would love to access.

It’s not unknown that has an email password of steve. He found out the hard way and had his email then his web hosting and website hacked. His email was a pandora box to all sorts in other information. And don’t think a password of steve489 is going to be much better at stopping a hacker! It’s only 489 attempts away, something a program would easily achieve.

As a number one job on your list to do now is to review your password to all your web services especially email accounts and consider is that password weak, and how could I make to more secure. If you password starts with a person or pets name then followed by number consider it unsafe! It’s always best to use a password that is more that 7 characters and include a word that is not in a dictionary some numbers and other special characters (Please note that character set conversion issues might make your password unusable in webmail if it contains special characters like: € (euro sign), £ (pound sign), ¬ (not sign), é (e acute), © (copyright symbol), α (greek letter alpha), ∞ (infinity symbol), > (greater than). Note that our web hosting control panels now prompt you to create a secure email passwords and offer a secure email password by default and there is a password generator you can use.

I hear you saying, “but I can’t remember that difficult password?” Your computer does have a password manager that keeps all these passwords safe to recover and when ever you need afterwards. So when prompted to ‘Do you want to save this password’ it’s probably best to say yes!