Tips on search engine success

Part Two of a series of posts to help the beginner understand what is needed to make your web pages search engines friendly. We are optimising an imaginary “Washing Machine Repairs” web page. In Part Two we cover; Keywords, Hyperlinks, and ALT tags.

4. Keywords

The Keywords meta tag is used at the top of your web page document. It should contain “key” words that are important to the page (and that actually appear on the page). They are included in the keywords META TAG, each keyword and key phrase is separated by a comma.

Note: Keywords have been massively abused over the years. Many sites in the past used to stuff every possible keyword relative to their web site, even including keywords that are not even mentioned on the page. It’s no wonder that many would say keywords are no longer taken in to consideration when a search engine looks at them.

However, I feel keywords can give a good guide or pointer to your page content if done truthfully and honestly.

In our imaginary web site we want to include some keywords, and a “key phrase” (a collection of keywords in a string – that we know will be entered in a web search in the same “key phrase” combination.)

Our Key words for our imaginary washing machine repairs web page (following on from part one) will be;

washing machine, repairs, hightown, Manufacturer1, Manufacturer2

The keywords and key phrases are short and precisely focused on the page content we know appear on the site.

IMPORTANT: We do not mention any keyword that is not already mentioned in HTML text on this page. Doing so will almost certainly mean search engine relegation!

5. Hyperlinks

A hyper-link is a link from a button or within HTML text to link one page to another. Many hyper-links are wasting an opportunity as they are very often called “click here” or “find out more”.

We know our imaginary web site page is all about washing machine repairs. So we are going to make sure the links from the home page to this page are configured to get the best search engine optimisation out of them.

Main Navigation buttons;

Ideally any main navigation link from the home page would be best to have “washing machine repairs” in the linked HTML text. This is not always possible if we need a neat graphical button instead. In our case we have a graphical button called “Repairs”. So as an aid we make sure this button link has a title tag of “washing machine repairs”, and an image ALT tag of “washing machine repairs”.

Hyper-links in HTML text;

On the home page we also know we will be having a paragraph about washing machine repairs. And we will create a hyper-link spanning the actual words “washing machine repairs” with a link title of “washing machine repairs”. This is far more useful than linking the words “click here” or “find out more”. In fact where ever we mention “washing machine repairs” elsewhere on the site, we will create a similar link. This help the search engines know this is an important page about “washing machine repairs”.

6. ALT Tags

ALT tags are used to describe the images that appear in your web page.

As we are planning to have photographs on our washing machine repairs web page, we make sure these images a have the correct ALT tags.

Not only should the ALT tags truthfully describe the picture, we would also like to mention our important keywords, keeping the information relative to the page subject.

A photograph as been found of a washing machine with the case open as if being repaired.

The ALT tags for this photo will be:

A manufacturer1 washing machine being repaired


This post extends what was said on Part One to extend further on techniques for your web page search optimisation.

Please make a comment if you found this post useful, need to ask a question, or wish to share your experiences of how best to get your web site listed in the search engines.