In November 2011 Nominet, the UK registry for .uk domains announced that the standard 2 year register period would be abandoned in favour of the ability to register a .uk domain for up to 10 years.

Register a .uk domain name for only 1 year

The changes also bring in a radical change in that a .uk domain can be registered for only a single year if that’s what you need.

These changes have been brought in to enable registrants more flexibility on securing their .uk domain names. It is also believed this will help reduce cyber squatting* with the new ability to secure domains over much longer periods.

*Cyber squatting is where a domain owner forgets to renew a domain and risk of a third party taking over the domain with the view of charging a ransom to return the domain back the original owner.

.UK domains are the favourite domain in the UK.

Research shows that a .uk domain name remains popular in Britain. In research taken by Nominet in 2011, 81% of UK web users said they prefer .uk domain and website when given a choice in the search results. The main reason given as to why they prefer a .uk domain is because they felt more likely to have better relevance with prices in sterling and lower delivery charges.

Order .uk domains from 1st May 2012

From the 1st May 2012 you will be able to add any,, and names to your basket as normal and then select from the new domain extended registration periods.