Domain Mapping is an extra add-on feature you can order for additional domains that point multiple domains to your primary hosting account.

But I hear you asking…

  • Why do I need domain mapping? 
  • Why bother, I can already re-direct domains using the tool in the domain control panel!

We shall answer these questions, pointing you to a few good reasons why and when you should use it.

You will already know that additional “parked” domain names can be pointed to your primary hosting account, and set with either a timed re-direct, or a framed direct.  Both of these do the job, to a point.  And can be simply accomplished from within your domains control panel.

A better way!

When you set up a new hosting account for “”, its original reference is “” being the domain name bought to set up the account. But then you need an extra domain “”, and want this to point to this original hosting account.

If you use Domain Mapping, then this extra domain “” is seamlessly mapped to the main hosting account “”.

What the web user sees

When someone enters the web site using “”, there is no browser switching to confuse the user. The URL bar remains at throughout the site, regardless.

What about email

In fact domain mapping goes further. You have full email facilities for each mapped domain, creating individual email accounts for each listed domain.

Changing a domain name of an existing web site using domain mapping

Domain mapping is ideal for changing the domain name of an existing web site. You can elected which domain of a selection of mapped domains to be a “primary domain”.

A “primary domain” is the domain associated with the hosting. So by adding a second “mapped domain” and swapping which is going to be the “primary domain”, you can change the actual name of the web site.  The old domain name can be either removed from the mapping, or left to die away by not being renewed.


The uses for domain mapping

  1. Joining multiple domains to point to a single hosting account
  2. Keeping email facilities for all mapped domains
  3. Changing the domain name of an existing web site

Where do I get this service?

  • You need a parked domain with us (a domain with no hosting attached)
  • Order from add-ons when buying additional domain in the shopping cart
  • Order from add-ons from directly within your Customer Centre;
    login > Customer Centre > Order Add-ons,  using an existing *parked domain *(parked; no hosting associated with the domain name).